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Our Mission was created so that all that visited this beautiful wine country were aware of all that the “Napa Valley of Mexico” has to offer.  Prior to your arrival, you will be able to view all the exquisite properties, restaurants and wineries which in turn will allow you to plan your trip and use every minute to its fullest capacity. Guadalupe Valley is located 1.5 hours from the Tijuana Border, just inland from Ensenada making this the perfect getaway spot.  Guadalupe Valley has over 175 wineries offering unique, unforgettable wine experiences and legendary Mexican Hospitality.  With it’s 1000 foot elevation and Mediterranean microclimate create ideal conditions for growing grapes, particularly varietals that don’t fare well in Alta California.  It’s fine dining restaurants, offering sophisticated farm to table food, are becoming so popular that their chefs are quickly ascending to celebrity status.  We hope you find this site useful in getting a feel for what the Valley has to offer and plan your trip.  If we in some way helped in creating a beautiful memory and experience for you and who you hold dear our hearts will be full.





Why We Love Guadalupe Valley?

where to go. where to eat. where to stay.

Valle de Guadalupe is the largest wine region in Mexico, around 1 million people visit the Valley every year.​

About Guadalupe Valley

Valle de Guadalupe is the largest wine region in Mexico, around 1 million people visit the Valley every year. To date there are more than 70 wineries, and the number keeps on rising.  The Valley encompasses several communities such as Ejido El PorvenirFrancisco Zarco and San Antonio De las Minas, all of which are on a road called Ruta Del Vino –which translates to “the Wine Road”.​


Here we want to give you a small list of wineries and restaurants that we have liked so much for their wines, landscapes and service, and which we recommend with great pleasure (beware, unfortunately we have not been able to try all the existing ones in the valley yet, it is a job in process!). We can also guide you to places that are baby/pet friendly or have a more intimate environment for couples.

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